What We're About

A little bit of info.

Hi! This is Sticky Note Messages! You may have found a sticky note stuck in the most random spot, it most likely came from one of us.  If you get a sticky note, we hope that it made you day a little brighter or even changed your life.. :) Thats what we're hoping for with this. We take Bible Verses, and Inspiring Quotes, put them on sticky notes, and put them in random places (e.g., malls, inside library books, on grocery shopping aisles). Everytime we come to the website, we will be posting a new Bible Verse or Quote, so whenever you have the time, you can come on here, and check it out. :)
I hope you're having a great day, and remember, Jesus loves you! :)
We would really appreciate your input and participation with this. If you go to the tabs on the left, you can put your ideas of what to put on the sticky notes, or where to leave them. It'd be even better if you made your own sticky notes aswell! Thanks. :)